Get the iOS Teachable APP (iphone only)


Teachable works on your smartphone browser. Just login and use it as normal.

However, Teachable also has an app on which you can view and engage your course content.

  • We only just discovered this and are letting you know for your possible convenience.
  • Unfortunately they have only developed one for Apple iOS phones and not for android.
  • Using the Teachable iOS app is completely free.
  • Once you're enrolled in our course, you get full access to the content by downloading the app.

But YOU DO NOT NEED IT for this course!!

- we would prefer you do the course on your desktop computer, but some of the apple users may find it useful.

App TROUBLE-SHOOTING: We cannot help with any issues around the app, but you can find more info here and speak to Teachable on their website.

What the App Can and Cannot Do

From the app, your will be able to do the following actions within your course:

  • Pick up where you left off on another device
  • Stream course videos
  • View handouts, worksheets, and lecture content
  • Take lecture quizzes
  • Complete lectures and sync your progress with other devices


Ok, finally we are done with the RED TAPE & Technical Stuff....

Let's get clicking!