Welcome & Online Course - LEVEL 2 Overview!


The course is set to open on Monday 3rd August 2020.

We will be in touch well before then.

Otherwise email us on [email protected]

Halala! Hooray! Congratulations!

Wamkelekile / Welcome!

Welcome to this Supported Xhosa Level 2 course. Wamkelekile ku-le course!

We at UBuntu Bridge are so excited to be helping you continue your learning journey.

Thank you for supporting us by joining this course, and thank you for your enthusiasm to learn Xhosa, which is what really inspires and fulfills us!

We trust you will enjoy the love we have put into creating this next step for you.

Please do post a comment below to let us know how excited you are and why you are learning this beautiful language of isiXhosa!

We highly recommend finding a learning buddy, so if you are looking, mention that too :)

The Online Platform:

We are so excited about this improved version of our on-line learning platform because it adds even more depth to the convenience for you as a learner and to the supportive structure we can offer you.

Technology, if used wisely offers so many potential solutions and benefits, especially when combined with real human engagement, such as in this supported course!

But you do need to work with it and learn how best to suit your learning habits and preferences!

Course Content Overview:

  • There are 7 lessons in the course and we recommend you take one week for each lesson, to remain in sync with the Zoom support sessions.
  • The 8th week is for assessments and/or practice
  • If you choose to move faster through the course content, just join one of the open sessions, or be in touch with us for support options.
  • We recommend you download the course overview or just familiarise yourself with the flow of this course below:

Navigating the Content:

  1. On the left of the page you will see your progress bar - not too fast now :)
  2. Also on the left side of your page is the order of lessons and which ones you have completed. You can go re-do/watch any lesson, any time!
  3. After each mini-lecture, click "Complete and Continue" on the green bar, at the top right of the page to progress.... (until you have completed that week's lesson, or start and stop as you want - your progress will always be recorded).

Ready? Do it now, give it a try. Kulula - it is easy! (like kulula dot com )....

PLEASE DO LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW with your WHY for learning, and then....

Click "Complete and Continue" - top right of page! :)

Don't worry - We will get to the other type of "clicking" soon..