Level 2 isiXhosa nje!


  • It's vital that you learn them all and practice them as much as possible in your real world Xhosa conversations!
  • They WILL give you much confidence, and huge value!


  • And in zoom classes from Level 2 on, we start to practice what we call isiXhosa Qha / nje (Xhosa only), which will be done for the majority of the session i.e. the facilitator speaks to each of you only in Xhosa, so that you get actual conversational practice.
  • Even if you want to ask a question in English, you will need to ask in Xhosa if you can! (hint: Ndicela ukubuza ngesiNgesi)
  • So the facilitator speaks only Xhosa to you!
  • You answer what you can in Xhosa!
  • And you use Clarification Phrases for when you are not sure.
  • So learn these really well and off by heart!
  • You should hardly be using English in class from now on. 
  • We will message everyone with Level 2 info when available, or on course completion!

Entrance Requirements to the Level 2 course:

You need to pass the Level 1 assessment with 90% in order to join us for level 2

Don't worry, it's really easy and we give you all the answers!

Assessment answers on the next page :)