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Halala! Hooray! Congratulations!

Wamkelekile / Welcome!

Welcome to this Supported Xhosa Level 1 course. Wamkelekile ku-le course!

We at UBuntu Bridge are so excited to be helping you learn Xhosa.

Thank you for supporting us by joining this course, and thank you for your enthusiasm to learn Xhosa, which is what really inspires and fulfills us!

We trust you will enjoy the love we have put into creating this journey for you.

For it is indeed a journey, not just though this virtual realm, but now you will begin to travel in a new way through South Africa too, and hopefully the world!

Please do post a comment below to let us know how excited you are and why you are learning this beautiful language of isiXhosa!

Registration Form:

Please click the below link to fill in our Registration Form, if you have not done yet (you might have received it already via email).

Only when you filled in the form click "complete and continue" to get to the next page :)

Enkosi kakhulu!