Final LEVEL 1 Assessment PDF

Level 1 Assessment

Well done for making it to the 8th week!

It's been a wonderful journey and we hope you have enjoyed it tremendously.

In week 8 you will be doing your Level 1 assessments.

These (on the pin up sheet attached) will be the exact questions and answers that you need to know.

  • In the assessment you will be given time to write out the Xhosa versions of the English. You will need to do this at home, without cheating yourself out of knowing you learnt and got it :)
  • Then join a 10 minute Zoom session, where a facilitator who will test you orally on each one for recall and pronounciation.
  • The assessments will be done without your books and will be done without assisting each other.

You can be very proud for your efforts so far and passing this assessment will mean without doubt that you are on your way to reading and speaking isiXhosa!


Process to complete Level 1:

  • download the PDF below!
  • learn all 25 questions!
  • know how to write and pronounce each one!
  • schedule a zoom assessment session (10 mins) via the link we send you!
  • Kick proverbial butt! :)

Pin Up Phrases - Level 1 Assessment prep.pdf

How do you feel?

Drop a comment letting us know how you feel about what you have learnt?

We will also email everyone a form asking for course feedback!

Thanks for now and good luck!